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Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions we receive about our online services. If you have a question you will probably find the answer to it in the list of questions below.

Do you provide services for people who don't have good credit?
Yes, we have one of the largest special finance networks available online.

Do you offer car refinancing services?
No, we do not work with refinancing existing car loans.

Do you only provide services in specific states?
No we are nationwide.

What type of loans (new or used) are available?
You can purchase a new or used car with our service.

Is there a minimum income requirement?
Yes, you must make at least $1200 gross (before taxes) per month.

I have an open bankruptcy, can you help me?
If you are in Chapter 7 you must wait until it is discharged, if you are in a Chapter 13 you will need a letter from your trustee.

Do you provide services for purchasing a vehicle from a private party?
No, our services are intended for purchasing through a dealership.

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